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Edit fridge in HCMC – Fixing the refrigerator at home

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Edit fridge in HCMC – Fixing the refrigerator at home

Edit fridge in HCMC

Tan Dinh refrigeration specialist refrigerator repair lines like: sanyo, samsung, panasonic. Hitachi, Electrolux … We specialize in the supply of components refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, hot and cold drinks, providing a microwave plate …..

Edit the refrigerator at home : Hotline: 0907.413.488
Refrigerator repair service Refrigeration Tan Dinh  brings you quality refrigerator repair along with cost efficiency savings, is a good choice for you when needed repair of refrigerators as: side by side refrigerator, Samsung, Sanyo, Hitachi, Panasonic, Toshiba, ….. the following are but a problem common refrigerator. Edit refrigerator without power. Fix the refrigerator is not cold not edit refrigerator fan run Edit Block refrigerators have time Edit refrigerator cold, not cold at refrigerator activity Edit cry no lights fridge Edit Edit fridge compartment is not cold food contamination electric refrigerators Edit Edit refrigerator sticking snowy Change roon refrigerators many customers in today’s market are looking for a fridge unit edit professional quality and high reputation, the most reasonable prices, this is a huge demand of many users, before the market does not have many units prestige refrigerator repair, professional. However, to the service of refrigeration Tan Dinh, you will be completely satisfied with the value received from our services. Not only is the quality assurance activities by repairs carried out by the technical staff of experienced and skilled, but the speed was quick to make use of your refrigerator may continue during soon as possible. not only that, when the cold refrigerator repair Tan Dinh, you can use these types of components and genuine parts, original price when the need to replace because we offer, makes your repair costs savings as well as the highest efficiency for refrigerators after the repair. when there needs repair refrigerator good price, quality, professional contact Tan Dinh refrigeration specializes fix cabinets cold in HCMC  for assistance quickly to the needs of your use.

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1 – 451/7 XVNT, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District:  0907.413.488
2-126 Kha Van Can, P. Eastern spirituality, Thu Duc District:  0903.590.154
3 – 252/1 Quang Trung Street, Ward 12, Go Vap:  0977.304.214
4-365 Phan Van Hon, District 12:  0126.2940.086
5-159 Ben Van Don, Ward 18, District 4:  0983.489.517
6-98 range organic Floor, District 7:  0937.763.834
7-200 Pham Dinh Ho, District 6:  0973.108.487
8-165 Le Van Sy, ward 1, Tan Binh District:  0905,263,156


  • 1 - 451/7 XVNT, phường 26, Quận Bình Thạnh : 0907.413.488
  • 2 - 126 Kha vạn Cân ,P. linh Đông , quận thủ Đức: 0903.590.154
  • 3 – 252/1 Quang Trung , phường 12, gò vấp : 0977.304.214
  • 4 - 365 Phan văn hớn, Quận 12 : 0126.2940.086
  • 5 – 159 Bến vân Đồn , phường 18, Quận 4 : 0983.489.517
  • 6 – 98 phạm hữu Lầu, Quận 7 : 0937.763.834
  • 7 – 200 Phạm đình Hổ , Quận 6 : 0973.108.487
  • 8 – 165 Lê văn sỹ , phường 1, Quận Tân Bình : 0905.263.156